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A tailored approach to crop Foliar, Fertigation And Solid Fertiliser Products health from the ground up More Info Your local soil and Professional Highest Quality Fertiliser Suppliers In Renwick crop health experts More Info Enhance soil health, Foliar, Fertigation And Solid Fertiliser Products increase yields, improve sustainability More Info Tailored, targeted, practical Foliar, Fertigation And Solid Fertiliser Products solutions that get results More Info Supporting local growers Foliar, Fertigation And Solid Fertiliser Products and the local community More Info

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At Fusion Fertiliser, we believe the foundation of robust, healthy crops starts with soil health.

With the right advice and combination of products, we aim to help growers enhance soil health and sustainably increase yields for the long term benefit of their business, while reducing their impact on the environment.

We provide tailored crop and soil management solutions using a combination of products, including solid base fertilisers, liquid fertilisers for foliar application and fertigation and biological stimulants to build up soil microbes.

The end result improves overall soil health and nutrient cycling, reducing fertiliser loss and ultimately developing healthier soil and more resilient crops.

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